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Becoming an Egg Donor

Donating your eggs is a gift for people who cannot have children without your help. The screening to become an egg donor is very thorough, including a questionnaire, medical exam and interview with a doctor, and blood work.

At a Glance

  • Donating your eggs is a wonderful gift that healthy young women can give to someone struggling with infertility
  • Egg donation involves in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Egg donors need to consider the effect on their lives if an offspring contacts them in the future

Being selected as an egg donor

We have a rigorous selection process to become an egg donor. This includes a thorough questionnaire regarding personal and family health, education, ob/gyn history, career, and talents. Once this information is reviewed by our egg donor committee, the donor’s ovarian reserve is tested through an AMH test. The next steps include a medical exam and interview, as well as a genetic carrier screen and testing for various diseases and conditions.

The egg donor process

Egg donation involves the full treatment of in vitro fertilization or IVF. Once a donor is selected, any screening that has not been completed is done. The donor is fully informed of the risks and benefits of the procedures involved. Next, the donor’s cycle is scheduled, and she begins injectable gonadotropin treatment, including monitoring with ultrasound and blood test. She then has an egg retrieval done under anesthesia. The embryos are created with the sperm of the recipient’s partner or sperm donor. The embryos may be transferred into the recipient in a fresh or frozen cycle.

If a recipient selects a donor who has previously cycled and has frozen eggs, the eggs are thawed, fertilized, and the embryos are transferred to the recipient.

The egg recipient process

The egg donor recipient is treated with estrogen, usually vaginally. This also can be administered by mouth, a patch or an injection, depending on her response. Once her lining is determined to be mature based on ultrasound observation, progesterone is started, and the embryo transfer time is selected.

Identity release

Because of the advent of identity release and disclosure of donor identity through easy-to-access DNA test kits, the future is complicated. In the past with anonymous donation, donor-conceived children were often not told about their biological roots. It will be reasonably normal in the future for donor-conceived children to identify and contact their biological parent and donor-conceived half siblings. We recommend that donors and recipients register with Donor Sibling Registry. Here, each person involved sets the boundaries with which they are comfortable regarding potential methods of contact and roles amongst the families which develop. Donors who are uncomfortable with the idea of absolutely any contact with donor-conceived offspring are discouraged from donating.

Egg donor application

We appreciate your interest in learning more about becoming an egg donor. Donating your eggs is a gift for people who cannot have children without your help. Someday you may have a chance to have contact with the child, once they are a teenager. This is totally up to you. If you can answer yes to the following questions, we invite you to fill out our application, which has a link at the bottom of the page.

  • I am between 21 and 30 years of age
  • I do not smoke or use illegal drugs
  • I am responsible and have graduated from high school
  • I understand that I should not have any piercings or tattoos while I am in the program
  • I can commit to no more than one sexual partner
  • I understand that this is a complex process requiring a number of appointments and I can be available in the early morning for these appointments
  • I am willing to administer daily hormone injections
  • I am willing to take the risk of anesthesia and egg retrieval by needle
  • I am willing to have photos available to people who consider the use of my donated eggs
  • I understand that my identity will be anonymous, and I am willing to discuss the possibility of identity release to the child at some time over 10 years from now
  • I can commit to being available for this for one year and I will not travel outside the country
  • I understand that the income is taxable, and I will be issued a 1099 tax form
  • I have read these terms and I am interested in applying to become an egg donor
Become an egg donor

Donating eggs is a wonderful gift to give to women and couples who cannot have a child otherwise. This offers a new hope of achieving pregnancy for couples who are having issues related to the female partner's eggs. This is a complex process and is compensated at approximately $7,000. We very much appreciate your consideration of our center.

Give the gift of life